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Writing an anthem for kids...

Last spring my friend Anna had a vision inspired by seeing the women's marches take place all over the world. The power of people coming together in support of positive change in the world led her to dream of a project she invited me to be a part of. It involved writing a song, an anthem, with my friend Chris Dorman for Anna's employer - Let's Grow Kids. The goal of the anthem would be to help mobilize the people of Vermont to support legislation that would provide more support for children in Vermont. 

Let's Grow Kids is a statewide campaign about the need for more high-quality, affordable child care in Vermont to better support our children, families, women, communities and economy.More than 70% of Vermont children under age 6 have all of their parents in the labor force, meaning they're likely to need care. Yet, half of those infants and toddlers don't have access to any regulated care, and nearly 80% don't have access to high-quality programs.

Vermont's child care shortage disproportionately impacts women, who are three times more likely to leave their careers than men when families can't find child care. It also has a negitive ripple effect on our businesses, schools, communities, health care system and economy as a whole. Their goal is to gain public support for increased, sustainable investment that gives every family affordable access to high-quality child care.

SO! We wrote the song "Something Beautiful" (thanks to Bob Wagner & Josh Weinstein for their input too!) - and Let's Grow Kids spent the summer sending the song (and a corresponding dance choreographed by the amazing Lois Trombley) all over the state for hundreds of people to learn. The project culminated with a huge parade & flash mob on Church Street where we rallied to holler about our love for VT's kids, and to dance and sing, and film this video. This project is so near and dear to my heart and it was an honor to lend my voice to such a great cause. 

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